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  1. Could Facebook help you in your studies? How?
  2. Could Facebook provide a platform for you to manage your time? How?
  3. Could Facebook be dangerous? Why or why not?

5 thoughts on “Hot News – Facebook

  1. 1. Not really, sometimes if you ask friends for the homework when you are absent, they may give you the wrong homework ,using a class blog is more efficient than having Facebook in my opinion.
    2. No, people logging on to Facebook will get attracted by the games,therefore, they will not manage their time, but waste it.
    3.Yes, social networking sites may seem to be good so you can communicate with your friends, but if you do not set your privacy settings correctly, and a stranger befriends you on Facebook, he/she can see all your information or even maybe a person who has not added you as a friend can see your personal information as your privacy settings are not fitting the standard privacy level. It is most harmful to children as the stranger can even kidnap you.When you create a Facebook account, they say that you have to be 13 and above, yet i still see people younger than that having a Facebook account.In my opinion, people younger than 13 should not have a Facebook account as people younger than that may think that it is fine to add strangers as friends.

  2. I think facebook can help you in your studies because their are learning educasional games. And if you are absent your friend only can tell you how to do the qestion over the phone while on facebook you can show you how to do the question. And calling somebody will cost you money but using facebook is totaly free, so I surpport facebook.

  3. 1)Facebook can help us in our studies. there are some games which can improve our english. e.g. word challenge.
    2)no it cannot. once you start playing games or chatting with your friends, you will never stop.
    3)Facebook can be very dangerous if you add someone you don”t know or give out your information. Anyone in this world can kidnap you if they know where you live.

  4. The Facebook Terms of service:
    under section 4.5 clearly state:
    “You will not use Facebook if you are under 13.”

    Since P5 students are ALL below 13 I find it very inappropriate to make facebook the subject of homework other than explaining the reasons why there is an age limit and what are the ramifications of violating the “terms of service” (e.g. in opposite to violating a law).
    I know that the age stated on a P5 student’s birth certificate often vastly differs from his “facebook age”, but what students do in their pasttime is one thing, what is subject of their studies another.
    🙂 stw

  5. Cadell Tan says:-

    1) No, Facebook will get me addict to it and I will not have time to study or do homework.

    2) There are many distractions in Facebook like online games and chatting with friends, I will be hook on to these activities and will have no time for my studies.

    3)Yes if I add a stranger to my list, he or she will knows much about me and might harm me.

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